How to help children prepare for Secondary School during the holidays

As the school holidays begin in the UK, Georgina Masefield, Head of Akeley Wood School (from September 2017), shares top tips […]

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How metacognition drives learning

If we’re to truly unlock potential and develop lifelong learning skills in children, metacognition is the key. Stefanie Waterman, Head […]

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What does it take to be a “leader” in education?

Simon Camby, Cognita’s Director of Education, Europe argues all great leaders in education demonstrate five consistent qualities. I’ve been in […]

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Kant in the classroom: Should a school spend time teaching young children philosophy?

If philosophy is taught across the school, it can create and change a whole school’s culture, contends Brodie Bibby, Headteacher […]

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Are we teaching our children to fish? ‘How’ we learn is far more important than ‘what’ we learn

It’s not what children are learning, but how they are learning that is of most importance, argues Meaghan Allen, Primary […]

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The ‘brain benefits’ of a bilingual education

Playpen Bilingual Education in São Paulo has changed its name to reflect its absolute commitment to bilingual teaching and learning. […]

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Man vs machine: the future of technology in education

In a series of articles for Education Post, Malcolm Kay, Superintendent of Stamford American School Hong Kong looks at innovation […]

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Augmented reality: a game changer for schools?

With increasing talk of augmented reality finding a home in education, Nick Coulter, Head of Visual Arts at Australian International […]

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Beyond academics – offering students more

Born at a time when education focused on academic achievements to the exclusion of nearly everything else, Marcos Barros Vallejos, […]

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Music: Luxury lesson or intrinsic part of Early Years education?

With the Times Education Supplement reporting that music in UK state schools “could face extinction”, Jo Stone, Head of Music […]

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