Colegio Manquecura Ciudad de Los Valles, Santiago, Chile


El Colegio Manquecura Ciudad de Los Valles is a member of the Manquecura Schools network, which has three schools in Santiago, Chile for students aged 3-18 years. Our mission is to give children a strong grounding in academics and values in order to succeed in a global environment. Teachers, students, parents and guardians work collectively to achieve excellent academic and pastoral results.

El Colegio Manquecura Ciudad de Los Valles develops well-rounded students with the skills and abilities they need for a bright future. Our three-phase educational programme focuses on academic quality, intensive study of English and the development of strong values. Manquecura schools teach the Chilean national curriculum, which is split into three parts according to age: Parvularia Education (age 3-6), Básica Education (age 6-13) and High School (age 13-18). We prepare students for national assessment through the Sistema de Medición de la Calidad de la Educación (Education Quality Measurement System), in which we consistently have excellent results. Similarly, we provide students with the necessary tools to reach high levels of attainment in the Prueba de Selección Universitaria (PSU — national university entrance exam). In 2013, the school scored 594 points, achieving first place amongst schools in our district.

In the 2013 Prueba de Selección Universitaria (PSU — national university entrance exam), Manquecura Ciudad de Los Valles ranked first place amongst schools in our district.


Jaime Concha

Jaime studied Pedagogía en Castellano at Universidad Católica in the city of Temuco, Chile. He worked there as department head until he moved to Santiago to study a Master’s in Education at Pontificia Universidad Católica. In 1995 he became Academic Coordinator at Craighouse School, a British-influenced bilingual institution, and in 2011 he became Academic Director at La Misión School in Calera de Tango. Jaime was appointed Principal of Colegio Manquecura Ciudad de Los Valles in 2015.

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At a Glance

Ages Taught
3 - 18 yrs
Chilean Curriculum
Type of School
Day School
Main Language

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